The WIDE Program: Worldwide Initiative to Develop Everolimus

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Welcome to The WIDE Program™ (Worldwide Initiative to Develop Everolimus)

The WIDE (Worldwide Initiative to Develop Everolimus) Program is a global initiative that encompasses a broad range of malignancies as well as tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). Through this program, Novartis Oncology is conducting clinical studies of everolimus as a single agent and in combination with other anticancer treatments.


This website provides a concise overview of phase II and phase III clinical trials with everolimus (RAD001). All of these oncology trials are being conducted within the WIDE Program—and are either enrolling or will soon be enrolling participants. We hope that you will keep these clinical trials in mind when treating oncology patients who may be appropriate candidates for participation in a clinical trial.

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Disclaimer : These are investigational studies; there is no guarantee that everolimus will become commercially available for these indications
Disclaimer : This is an international website for The WIDE Program™ providing general information for health care professionals from all countries. The information on this site is not country-specific and may contain information that is different from where you practice. Please contact your local Novartis Medical Scientific Liaison for the latest information specific to your country.
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